Board Members Privacy Notice

West Highland Housing Association [WHHA] is a Registered Social Landlord and is a subsidiary of Link Group Limited.  A registered Scottish Charity WHHA is also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and the Scottish Housing Regulator.

As such, we are required to comply with the regulatory and governance requirements of registered social landlords, charities and Co-operative and Community Benefits Societies.  We also provide services to support Board and Committee members in carrying out their roles and responsibilities as set out in the registered Rules of WHHA, Code of Conduct for Governing Body Members and Job Description of Board Members.

This privacy notice was last reviewed on 11 February 2022.

What information do we collect

Larkfield collects and processes the following information about its potential suppliers:

  • full name of the relevant contact;
  • company address;
  • contact details, including email address and mobile and landline telephone numbers; and
  • details of services/products provided, including email correspondence and supplier marketing material.

Larkfield collects this information in a variety of ways. For example, data is collected through enquiry telephone calls, emails, meetings, and from correspondence with you throughout the order and delivery process

Why we need this information

WHHA needs to hold your information as we are required to comply with the governance requirements of Community and Co-operative Benefits Societies, registered social landlords and charities.  This includes the requirement to submit various regulatory and statutory returns.  We will also use your information to provide Board related support services to facilitate Board and Committee Members in carrying out the roles and responsibilities as set out in the Rules of WHHA, Code of Conduct for Governing Body Members and Job Description of Board Members.

What is the legal justification

We rely on the following legal basis to use your personal data:

  1.  Where it is needed to undertake and perform our legal obligations and duties to you in accordance with our continued authority to act as your factor in relation to the maintenance of common areas within the Larkfield estate and as set out within Clause Nine of your Deed of Conditions and to enable us to supply you with the services and information which you have requested or expect from
  2. Where it is in our legitimate interests to do so in terms of providing land management services for the maintenance of common areas of land within the Larkfield estate, managing and relating to that such as updating your records and tracing your whereabouts for the recovery of
  3. To follow guidance and recommended best practice of government and regulatory
  4. For a public interest such as for some of our processing of your special categories of personal data such as about your health, if you are a vulnerable customer.

Where we store your data

Your data is stored electronically on a variety of secure IT systems, databases and filing systems on computers and other devices which are password protected and encrypted. Paper files are stored in locked cabinets within the Larkfield office.

How long we will keep your information

We review our data retention periods regularly and will only hold your personal data for as long as is necessary for the relevant activity, or as required by law (we may be legally required to hold some types of information), or as set out in any relevant contract we have with you.

We will generally keep your information for the minimum period stated on our retention schedule, after which it will be destroyed if it is no longer required for the reasons it was obtained. 


Document Type

Retention Period

Personal data

6 years after resignation from the Board or Committee

Special categories of personal data

1 year after resignation from the Board or Committee

Bank details

6 years

Board minutes


Board reports

7 years


Our full retention schedule is available here

Sharing your information

The information you provide to us will be treated by us as confidential.

We may disclose your information to third parties who act for us for the purposes set out in this notice or for purposes approved by you, including the following:

  • repairs and maintenance contractors
  • housing management system providers
  • survey contractors
  • legal representatives and sheriff officers
  • local elected Councillors', MPs and MSPs
  • Police Scotland & Courts

Receiving data about you

We may receive the following information from third parties:

  • Payments made by you to us
  • Communications including information obtained from Police Scotland, the courts, legal representatives and sheriff
  • Communications, on your behalf, from local elected Councillors, MPs and

Updating your information

If your details change, please contact a member of the Larkfield team on 01475 630930 to inform us to ensure that all of the information we hold about you is up to date.

Data protection officer

You can contact our data protection officer at  or by post to Link House, 2c New Mart Road, Edinburgh EH14 14L. 

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