Shared repairs

If we own a flat or house within your block or building, you may be able to access our common repairs service.

Owners can report problems or issues relating to the following:

  • Communal stairwells including lighting, flooring, banisters, windows and walls
  • Close door or door entry systems
  • Loss of power to communal areas
  • Standard of close or window cleaning
  • Communal fencing
  • Communal landscape maintenance
  • Vandalism to common parts

Ways to report a repair

Response times

To prioritise all the repairs we have to carry out, response times are split into three categories - emergency, urgent and routine repairs.

The type of repair will determine how long we will take to respond and complete the repair (where possible).

WHHA Repair Response Times

Response Category Response Time
Emergency Within 4 Hours
Routine Within 10 Working Days

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