Safety in your home

We work to ensure our properties are maintained to a high standard and are safe, secure and warm for our tenants. 

To do this, we must carry out a variety of checks on your property each year.

A majority of these checks are required by law to carry out – so it’s really important that you let us in if we ask to visit your home to do a check.

We provide checks, advice and information on:

  • Gas safety 
  • Asbestos
  • Fire safety
  • Water management
  • Preparing your home for winter

Gas safety checks

If we carry out gas safety checks in your home we do this as we need to make sure your appliances are safe to use as faulty or unsafe gas appliances can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Your home has been fitted with a carbon monoxide detector and it will activate if there is too much carbon monoxide in the air in your property.

If you have been affected by carbon monoxide poisoning you may feel dizzy, sick, tired, breathless, suffer chest pains or you may even lose consciousness.

If you think there is carbon monoxide in your home, please call the National Gas Emergency Service on  0800 111 999  immediately.

More information

If you would like advice and information about how we keep properties and communal areas safe for you to live in please contact us.

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