Charging Schedule for environmental requests

West Highland Housing charges a fee for providing environmental information on request. This fee should not exceed “a reasonable amount” and must not exceed the actual costs of producing the information requested.

On receipt of an environmental information request, West Highland Housing will review the request; provide an estimate of the costs involved in locating, retrieving and collating information. The fee must be paid in advance of the information being released.

Costs of locating, retrieving and collating information:  

Staff costs of searching for the information requested and assembling into an appropriate format are charged at the following hourly rates:

Staff grade Staff grade
Administrator £10.00
Officer £15.00
Manager £20.00
Director £25.00

Any costs involved in producing documents to be released and any postage charges are charged at:

Item Fee per unit
Photocopying: Black and White A4 5p
Photocopying: Colour A4 10p
Photocopying: Black and White A3 20p
CD/ Memory Stick £1.00
Postage Individual quote for first class mai

Situations where the fee may be waived

  • West Highland Housing may choose to waive the fee if satisfied that there is a genuine and widespread interest in the publication of the information.
  • West Highland Housing will waive the fee if it would be uneconomical to issue a fee notice and process the payment

If you require any further information on Environment Information (Scotland) Regulation requests, please contact us on 0300 323 1170.

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