Working in the community

As part of our objectives we work in partnership with a number of community organisations.

One of our key objectives is to Promote Positive Community Partnerships.  This means that we engage with Statutory Bodies like  Argyll and Bute Council, Health and Social Care Partnership, the  Police Scotland  and a number of third sector organisations which operate in the area.  Our staff provide practical support, and, in some cases, we have representation as Trustees.    

In areas where we are developing new homes, we will engage with local community councils and community groups to listen to their views about the type of housing that is needed.  We have supported new community groups and signposted them to partners who can help them with governance and funding to get them established.   

Some examples of the groups we are working with are: 

Colonsay Community Development Company

Mull and Iona Community Trust

Communities Housing Trust

Rural Housing Scotland

Argyll Countryside Trust


Argyll and Bute Care and Repair

Oban Charitable Trust

New Start Oban

Hope Kitchen


Carr Gomm.

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