Our staff

Our staff are key to providing excellent services to the tenants and other customers we serve. We are a small team and everyone has a voice in the organisation, both about how we deal with things on an operational basis and also how the organisation develops. We encourage discussion, sharing of information and a team approach. 

Senior Leadership Team


Image of Brett Sadler

Brett Sadler

Chief Executive Officer

Image of Linda Hoar

Linda Hoar

Director of Finance and Business Support


Image of Michael Driscoll

Michael Driscoll

Director of Customer Experience


Housing Management


Image of Iona Smith

Iona Smith

Housing and Customer Services Officer

Image of Aileen Michie

Aileen Michie

Arrears Lead



Image of Diane MacDonald

Diane MacDonald

Tenancy Lead

Image of Rhona McGlone

Rhona McGlone

Customer Lead

Image of Claire Irvine

Claire Irvine

Housing Assistant

Image of Charlene Servant

Charlene Servant

Housing Assistant

Asset Services


Image of John MacDonald

John MacDonald

Asset Manager

Image of Andrew Friedemann








Andrew Friedemann

Asset Delivery Manager

Stuart Wollacott

Stuart Wollacott

Asset Delivery Lead

Jason Wyllie

Jason Wyllie

Asset Compliance Lead

Image of John Taylor

John Taylor

Repairs Lead








Louise MacLeod

Repairs Assistant

Emma Brown

Emma Brown

Repairs Assistant

Image of Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown

Repairs Assistant



Estates Assistant

Laura Sage







Laura Sage

Estates Assistant

Paul Ferguson

Heating and Plumbing Service Engineer

Image of Martin Spurny

Martin Spurny

Service Technician

Image of Joe Fowler

Joe Fowler

Repairs Technician




Lewis MacPhee

Lewis MacPhee

Finance Lead

Image of Sarah Cichocka

Sarah Cichocka

Finance Assistant

Andrew Leach

Andrew Leach

Finance Assistant

Sally Turnbull

Finance Assistant

Business Support


Image of Liam Orr

Liam Orr

Business Support Officer

Image of Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson

Digital Lead

Image of Oriana Lopez

Oriana Lopez

Business Support Assistant


Frances Bastow

Clerical Support Assistant

Image of Lora Buchanan

Lora Buchanan

Clerical Support Assistant

Image of Marzia Ciscato

Marzia Ciscato

Admin Support Assistant

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