Tenant participation

We want you to review our service standards and performance to ensure the services we provide are of the highest quality.

Working together with our tenants is an essential part of our vision and values and is at the heart of the work our staff do. The  Scottish Social Housing Charter  sets out the outcomes we should be achieving for tenants and makes tenant participation a key part of how we monitor our service standards and performance

We believe your knowledge and experience of the services we provide is the best way for us to learn and improve. It involves sharing information, respecting different views and perspectives, problem solving and working together. 

We have achieved Silver Tenant Participation Advisory Service Scotland (TPAS) accreditation which demonstrates our focus on involving our tenants in the organisation’s activities and decision making process.

Get involved

We want to create a culture of mutual trust, respect and partnership, so that your involvement produces clear benefits for tenants, staff and West Highland.

We are keen to give tenants and owners every opportunity to participate in:

  • How we are managed
  • How policies and services are developed
  • Providing feedback on services we provide to you

Whether you are interested in being an armchair critic or becoming a Board Member, we would love to hear from you. 


Ways to get involved

Board members

The Board is responsible for the Governance and wellbeing of West Highland. 

Board members take on the role of Voluntary Non-Executive Directors - this means they are responsible for overseeing and ensuring the financial integrity of West Highland as well as approving policies and setting the strategy and direction.

You will be expected to spend up to two hours reading and preparing before any meetings. 

Annual time commitment - Attend up to 10 Board meetings a year, meetings usually take place on a Friday morning and last up to three hours. 

Customer satisfaction and feedback

This is a key focus for the Association.  We would really encourage you to respond to messages using our CX-Feedback surveys.  These give you the opportunity to quickly and easily give feedback on the services we have delivered and we really want to hear about your experience, good or bad, as this will help us to improve in the future or, hear about what has gone well.

Focus groups

Focus groups contribute to either the early development of new operational policies or take a more in-depth look at specific service issues to help us improve and tailor our services.

You will be asked to attend no more than three meetings a year at our office or a local island venue. You may also have to do some reading and preparation prior to focus groups. 

Annual time commitment - 10 to 15 hours a year

Armchair critic

Armchair critics help provide real time information about our service delivery.

You will be asked to complete short online or paper questionnaires (no more than three times a year) or asked to make comment on the final draft of operational policies. 

We would feedback to you any actions that have been raised from any comments you provided. 

Annual time commitment - less than five hours 

Walk and talk

An opportunity to walk your street, close or development with our Estates Staff.

This provides you an opportunity to see the sort of proactive work we undertake managing our developments and give you an opportunity to bring any issues or concerns to our attention.

Annual time commitment - No more than an hour, twice a year

A programme of visits has been planned for the months ahead.  The dates and times will be publicised on our social media feeds and in newsletters.  Alternatively, contact the office and staff will be able to let you know the plans. 

Speak to our senior leadership team

Another way to give us your views is to speak to our senior leadership team who will be available for appointments over the course of the year.  Keep an eye out on our social media pages and in our newsletters for dates and times.

Tenant Participation Register

Join our Tenant Participation Register to be invited to attend fun events, take part in projects and have your say on a range of our services that impact you and your home.

Click here to fill out our survey and express your interest in joining the Tenant Participation Register!

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