Help and advice

We have a dedicated team of staff who are here to help you manage your tenancy.

Our staff are trained to provide help and assistance in many areas of tenancy management, rent arrears and anti-social behavior.  

We can help you check that you are receiving all the assistance available to you.  Sometimes people do not believe they are entitled to help but when we check for them we find they are.  

We also work in conjunction with other agencies who can provide advice and assistance with money, benefits and energy.

Argyll Networks

Argyll Networks can help you with money management and income maximisation. If you are concerned about paying your bills, if you often run out of money before payments are due, if you worry about where the money will come from for the next bill, if you struggle financially or have had your benefits stopped recently our Argyll Network officer can help you. 

Money Skills Argyll

We are also a partner of Money Skills Argyll which helps people across Argyll and Bute, aged 16 and over, living in a jobless household, living in a single adult household with dependent children, or low income employed. This is a three year, £3.75 million project which is joint funded by EU Structural Fund and the Big Lottery. It will focus on achieving an increase in disadvantaged participants with improved money management skills; and a decrease in disadvantaged participants affected by debt as a barrier to social inclusion.

It can help you to be more in control of your money with help, advice and support with debt advice, money advice, computer skills, money management, income maximisation and affordable warmth / fuel poverty. 

The service is free, impartial and confidential - to find out more information call 01369 708 450 or email

Get help and advice

If you feel you need advice or assistance get in touch.