Rent consultation 2018/19

Rent is our main source of income and we need this income to deliver our services and maintain our homes, now and in the future.

We understand that many of our tenants are under financial pressure and we want to keep our rents affordable.  At the same time we also want to provide you with quality services.  We also want to put enough money aside to allow us to maintain and upgrade our homes when necessary.

To do this we are proposing an increase which works out at £3.35 per week on average across all our properties.

At its meeting in February 2018, our Board will consider this proposal to increase rents from 1 April 2018.

How we spent your rent in 2016/17

  • Upgrading Glenshellach biomass, 54 external doors and 36 heating systems
  • Improvements to small rural developments and most have had major improvements in the last 10 years
  • External painter work to 150 properties
  • We have employed our own cyclical plumber to carry out cylinder and solar testing to reduce costs – approx 300 cylinder solar testings

Our rent increase for 2016/17 was below the Scottish average of 2.3%.

Provide feedback

We are really interested in your views and opinions of the proposed rent increase.

Please complete our questionnaire by Friday 12 January 2018. If you enter your name and address on the questionnaire you will be entered into a prize draw with a chance to win £100

Remember: if you want to talk about any concerns you have about paying your rent, please speak to you.  We can help with budgeting advice, advice on benefits and if you are struggling with other debts, we can refer you to our Money Advice Service. Please just ask – we’re here to help.  

Read the consultation and complete the questionnaire