Investing in our communities - rent choices for April 2021

We want to tell you about the options for rent charges and how you can share your views.

Delivering excellent housing and support services is our main priority. So we continue to achieve this now and in the future, it is important we set sustainable rents. Sustainable rent increases will ensure that our property maintenance plans which will cover the next 30 years remain viable.

We provide services to 799 households across Oban, Lorn & The Inner Hebridean Isles and want to continue to invest in your homes and communities, and to provide affordable and excellent housing, repair and advice services. In this consultation we set out proposals to protect services and investment in homes and communities whilst considering the financial impacts on our tenants.

We understand the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, including the hardship caused by job insecurity, family and health concerns. We face challenges including the ongoing uncertainty of the economic impact of Covid-19, predictions on inflation rates next year and rising costs of goods and services. The decisions made on rent next year have a long-term impact and we need to consider what is required so we can continue to deliver high quality services to our tenants now and in the future.

We are consulting on two options: an increase of 1.6% or 2%. We also seek your views on how the pandemic has impacted you and your family and the support we can offer.
Service charges are not included in this consultation.

Please read our rent increase leaflet and follow the link on the last page to tell us what you think.

Supporting you when you need us the most

We provide free benefit, debt and money advice, so if you’ve lost income and think you’ll struggle to pay your rent, please call us on 0300 323 1170 as soon as possible.