Coronavirus information and advice

The situation continues to change, and we are following the advice of the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland.

What does this mean for you as a tenant?

If we are short staffed, we won’t be able to provide a full service. If this happens, we’ll keep you updated through our website (this page), social media accounts and on our telephone answering service 0300 323 1170.

If you, or someone in your household, is unwell with symptoms and are self-isolating

Please let us know immediately by calling 0300 323 1170. We’ll put a temporary note on our system to make sure staff and contractors don’t visit you during this period. 

We need to reduce the risk to staff and contractors whenever possible. 

If staff arrive at your household unaware you, or a family member, is unwell with symptoms and are self-isolating

If we don’t know about your situation and arrive at your property to find you, or any members of your family, have the virus or are self-isolating, we won’t come into your home. We’ll also put a temporary note on our system to make sure staff and contractors don’t visit you during this period. 

Please let us know when you (and all other people who live in your property) are clear of symptoms.

Response times for our enquiries, complaints and customer services teams will be slower as we focus on emergency contacts.

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FAQs for claiming benefits during the COVID-19 outbreak

Please note: This guidance is primarily for West Highland tenants and only West Highland tenants can access our internal advice services.

I feel like my situation is critical, I have no one to assist and I don’t know where to turn for help.
I am in receipt of Personal Independence Payment or Employment and Support Allowance and I completed a review form recently. Will I be called in for a face to face medical assessment?
I am currently on Universal Credit and my income has reduced/stopped. How will Universal Credit know?
I am on partial housing benefit due to my earnings, but my income has reduced/stopped. How do I make up the difference to pay my rent?
I work a zero hour contract. If I self-isolate will I get SSP?
I am self-employed and due to current situation have no work or I am having to self- isolate, what can I claim?
Will I need to attend the Job Centre if I am self- isolating for any claims I make to benefits?
I have no money to keep me going until I get a payment from Universal Credit. What do I do?
When will I receive my first Universal Credit payment?
How do I make a claim to Universal Credit (UC)?
I have lost my job/been laid of temporarily with no income. Can I claim anything?
I work full time and my employer has advised me to self-isolate for 14 days. Am I entitled to claim any benefits?