Rent to Buy

Rent to Buy gives you the chance to rent a home whilst saving to buy the property after five years. 

In partnership with Link, we have have built a number of new properties at Dunbeg in Oban which allow you to pay a monthly rent on the property of your choice as well as giving you the opportunity to buy it after five years. This gives you time to save a deposit and have your finances in place whilst living in your new home.

Each month you pay your rent a portion will be set aside and when you come to buy the property it will be used to provide a discount on the sale price. A valuation will also be carried out when you wish to buy and for each full year of occupancy you are entitled to a 1.5% discount off the market value.

Who is eligible?

Priority is normally given to:

  • first-time buyers
  • people who are existing housing association tenants
  • people who are in local employment or moving to the area to take up employment
  • people who are not dependent on benefits
  • people who are living in accommodation which no longer meets their needs
  • people who cannot meet their housing needs on the open market

If you are eligible, you are required to provide evidence that you will be able to obtain a mortgage. You do not, however, need to have a deposit or mortgage in place when you move in. You have five years to save your deposit and plan your mortgage.

Where do you have properties available for Rent to Buy?

At present, we only have properties for Rent to Buy at the development we manage for Link in Dunbeg, Oban.

Our current development programme does not contain any further new developments for Rent to Buy.

How do I apply?

For more information on these properties please contact us.